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Stolen Credit CardsIt has been a while since the last article on CCs and I wanted to add some little information that might be interesting to the readers of my articles.

1. Where to look?

I have written in my previous article that I didn’t want to directly disclose sources teaching you how to use stolen credit card data, because is an information-only platfrom and such direct links could be seen as supporting the use of stolen credit card data.
So I figured I could give some “valuable hints” how to do your own research (only for educational purposes of course). First some things you ought to be:

  • Be paranoid! Don’t just enter any search word into Google with your plain browser! Google stores EVERYTHING you ever searched for in their databases, which can be accessed by the NSA, CIA and other similar agencies without the need for a warrant. So if you want your name to remain clear, don’t trust Google too much. When researching on issues like drugs and carding, I always use through my Tor Browser. Startpage does not save any data but delivers quite good results.
  • Be critical! There is a lot of false information out there from sources that either really don’t know any better or plain trolls trying to mess with people who are new to the material. If something seems weird, unsafe, or plain dumb: STAY AWAY! Use critical thinking and better ignore 100 good tips than to fall for a single bad one.
  • Be cautious! NEVER disclose any of your real information. Some websites might require you to register with an email address. I recommend you open an account that you always (!) access through Tor or at least a good proxy. Once you give even just your (real) email address, you simply are not anonymous anymore.
  • Be aware! You have to know that the matter you are researching is a crime which is ILLEGAL everywhere in the world and can carry prison times up to 10 years in most of Europe.

Neither I nor encourage the use of stolen credit cards in any form and we will not help you if you started carding and got caught! Having gotten that out of the way, I only wand to give you a little list of search terms that you can use to quickly find some decent tutorials on the matter. Good tutorials can be bought online, though they can be pretty pricey.

“carding, cc, ccv, tut, tutorial, noob, noobs, cashing, cc to cash, cc to btc”

Combining keyword 1 and 5 should probably be fit to start you off. Learn the terminology, study the culture, dive into how these people think! If you have the right mindset you will be able to learn pretty quickly.

2. Plastic

In my last article I named 3 options of using credit cards. Combinable with 1 (buying physical goods) is the plastic method which I wnat to describe to you now. Why plastic? Because that’s the material the cards are made of. A usual credit card consists of 3 different sets of data:

  • The background information, which are things like the cardholder’s address, birthday, social security number, etc. These are not on the card in a readable format
  • The visible card information, which are credit card number, expiration date, ccv, etc.
  • The invisible card information. Yes, that little strip on the back of the card. It contains two tracks of data that the machines use when you pay with your credit card in a store.

The plastic method is about this third set. The strip on the back is a magnetic stip that contains data. This data is easily readable with a special device. When criminally used to obtain other people’s data they are usually called skimmers. The regular name is just magnetic stip reader. Pull the card through the device, bingo: you just scored the data! At a bar, in a restaurant, whenever your card is out of sight, someone might be skimming your CC data.

Besides reading devices there are also writing devices (surprise!) which put desired information onto a magnetic strip for you. Of course there are also those that can do both. These little things are not exactly cheap, but if you get into carding they are an investment much worth it.
Just as you can buy credit card data sets (sets 1 and 2 from the above list) you can buy set number three online. Here they are called “dumps” or “track 1 & 2″, the ladder directly refers to the strings of information that are written on the cards. With this data, it is possible to use a writing device to create a working credit card duplicate. It sounds so easy; that’s because it is!

There are different ways to go with this:

  1. You use a blank mag stip card, write the data on it and use it at places that have self-check outs. This method carries a very low price tag. You can either use a blank bought online for a few cents or you can even reuse an old card gift card that has a mag strip. The swipe-through machines don’t care what your card looks like. It reads the data, verifies its authenticity and checks the bill as paid.
  2.  “Goin’ low” as I like to call it. You get plastic cards that look very similar to actual credit cards. They can be made with a plastic card printer (which however is a VERY pricey little device, think in mid-4-digits for a good one) or (obviously) bought online. You can emboss them (meaning the letters aren’t printed onto the card but pressed so that they are little bumps on the card) too, so the only difference is the missing hologram. How to make these is a secret kept by the card companies, don’t even look for it, you will not find anything legit! The only real benefit to version a) is that you can publicly use them without arousing too much suspicion. If you REALLY want to card plastic, you have to:
  3. “Go real”. That’s when you use an existing credit card and replace the data. In the US, Walmart used to sell (they probably still do) prepaid credit cards. They were/are actual credit cards, with mag stip, hologram, but only printed card data. With a little time and effort, you can convert them into high end fake credit cards.
    You remove the black ink used for the card data with paint remover, emboss the card with legit data and write the tracks onto the card with your writer. Important side note: some places ask the cashier to enter the CCV or the expiration date of the card. It’s mostly the big name stores, think Apple retailers, BestBuy, etc, so for these, you’ll want to buy a set of strip data AND card details. Depending on country that may or may not be usual.
    Once your card is done and looks legit, you are ready to go…NOT! Having the card is one thing, more important are mind set and appearance. Don’t go into a jewelry store with sweat pant and pay a $6000 bill with a credit card; you will have the cops on your ass in no time! Dress according to your card.
    Your card determines what you should wear, if you have a card that you will use to buy electronics with (usually laptops or iPads), dress like someone who can afford to buy such a thing on a credit card. Don’t aim to high, don’t aim too low. Wearing booty shorts and wearing a designer tux will both arouse suspicion, the last thing you need! Just dress nicely, a shirt, some nice pants and good shoes. Wash your hair, shave and use a mild cologne. As an average carder you’ll want to pass for someone in middle management, a white collar $70,000 a year person from the suburb.
    Notice how I’ve always said “your” card? That’s the mind set you will have to portray. It is your card, use it like you would use any other card you actually have. Don’t look nervous, don’t get shaky or sweaty hands, don’t look around yourself all the time. Get into the store with the attitude “It’s my card” and live that! If you look confident, have a nice appearance and a smile on your face, the cashier won’t even think about checking for anything. It’s VERY important to remain that confident if something goes wrong. Your writer might not have worked properly, the data you bought was wrong, whatever it is, remain calm! Take your card back, tell the cashier you just bought something yesterday and it worked fine, that you will check with the bank later but that you are in a hurry and have to go now.

Especially women can make a lot of money like this! Get the card, put on your hottest dress, show a lot of breast and always pick out the youngest and ugliest male cashier the place has to offer. This is so successful that international carding teams almost always send out women to do the actual carding. Getting data, writing data, prepping cards, that’s usually male work. Cashing out, in professional gangs that is usually left to women.

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