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Many who have been to the deep web have gotten across Silk Road. It has become one of the top .onion adresses, only competing with the hidden wiki or tormail.

Silk Road however has an ethics code, a set of rules that restrict the sell of certain products. The main issues are (child) porn, poisons, dangerous chemicals, weapons and personal data.
There are however other market places that are less restrictive, most prominent of which is BMR or Black Market Reloaded.Here you can find some of the more intimidating things in the deep web.
Here you are able to buy guns. Actual firearms, that really arrive – if you are able to pay enormous prices! Perhaps some Ricin, one of the most deadly posions, for half a Bitcoin would be more your taste. Kill someone and then disolve their body in hydroflurisic acid, which you can buy only two clicks away on BMR right next to explosives and USB sticks filled with fetish porn.
If neither of that appeals to you – which I hope it all didn’t – you might however be interested in the last very interesting product that you can’t get on Silk Road…credit cards. Not credit cards made out to you and linked to your bank account. Other people’s credit card data. Which you can use to pay for stuff.
I decided to give it a shot:

For only €20 in Bitcoins, I bought two EU credit cards. Within 2 hours, I received a message, containing the following info of 2 people:

Card Type | Card number | Name on card | CVC Expiry | Address | Phone Number

I had just bought 2 sets of credit card data. With only a few mouse clicks, I had bought the data of other people (a Dutch woman and a Greek male), which I could use buy things. Now was the moment to consider morality: is it wrong to do that? Would it be bad to buy things with someone else’s credit card?

To be continued…

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