Deep Web Directories and Search Engines

I was exploring Deep Web, site directories and search engines so in this post you will find a list of .onion web directories and search engines. Theese site can be used as entry points, when Hidden Wiki is down. So let’s begin 🙂

1)http://torlinkbgs6aabns.onion/ – TOR LINKS – Tor Link Directory. It’s a nice up to date directory, you can use it as an entry point

2)http://dppmfxaacucguzpc.onion/ – TORDIR Link List . It’s just a .onion web directory, but it’s pretty much outdated and you will find that a lot of links are not working.

TORDIR- LinkList

3)http://xycpusearchon2mc.onion/ – Deep Search – Tor Search Engine . Just the title suggests is a search engine for deep web

Deep Search - Tor Search Engine

4)http://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion/ – Another Deep Web Search Engine – Duck Duck Go

duck duck go



I will continue making posts and screenshots about deep web site, and in the end I will compile a full list of the most intersting deep web sites.

19 thoughts on “Deep Web Directories and Search Engines

  1. I’m still having trouble accessing the deep web, I’m probably not downloading the right programs. I downloaded the TOR bundle thinking it would let me access onion based websites but it’s not. Someone help?

    • you have to access the deep web by using the tor browser.
      Normal browsers cannot open the URLs.
      try the TOR browser 🙂

      • ok so ive installed tor bundle i wnt to deepweb search how do i get the tor browser to do this i thought it would be in the bundle i not a thick person please help

  2. I was on darknet other day and I found a site – he offered few different products but one was a member pass to brazzers.Com for $10…. I cannot find it now and was hoping someone could help me out as to where to find sites like this or similar. I am still very new to this web

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