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15 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hi,

    I have been scammed by a store called tor electronics. Is there a forum on hidden wiki which lists scam artists?? I really want to warn people out there.. A seller review is essential.

    Please let me and know and if so provide a link…


  2. are you global specially work in african countries ? because most of african countries have no credit card systems , no pay pal , etc ?

  3. Got scammed by both tor game depot and also amazon cc 4 bitcoin. I sent payment but after I sent the payment they changed the address of their wallet to a new one . Any contact info would be great

    • Your a vendor, huh? That means your a low-life SCAM ARTIST! Nothing on Hidden Wiki is legit. It should be shut down permanently. TOR must have been set-up by a group of trash like you. May you & all of the most dear to you receive fatal flesh-eating bacteria & rectal cancer. May your ends be long & most horrid. BURN IN HELL!

  4. Has anyone ever dealt w/ a legit funny money vendor? The (4) I’ve checked out are complete frauds. Nothing new for Hidden Wiki. TOR is the pathway these criminals use for their deceit.

  5. Hey i have been scammed by goldman, i paid 227 $ US for a card that he never ship. But i found seller from another forum, he sells more expensive but it’s cc is working. Contact him : He also sells paypal accounts.

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